Do you ever wonder if premium cam sites truly exist? What does premium even mean? What difference does it make from regular live sex shows? At one point it all gets a tad bit confusing, and I’m here to make it simple, and understandable to everyone. Of course, besides that, you are here to find a trusted source of top private video chats that have been tested over the course of many years.

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For starters, you should know that “Premium” means that your experience from start to finish will be impeccable. So, no hiccups, no annoying features, and most certainly no scams. The major focus is on models, they need to rise to the occasion so you would be absolutely pleased with what they have to offer, and it all comes down to execution.

Why Premium Sex Webcams Are Better?

There are a lot of reasons for premium sex webcam sites being the better choice, but the most obvious one would be the cam2cam shows you are receiving. The models truly try their best and are focused only on providing their viewers with lustful experiences that are memorable. They need to be versatile, and able to adapt to your requests, or in other words, they need to be professionals.

When it comes to the types of shows, well, the best sites have a wide variety of kinks and fetishes in their catalog. The usual ones, seductive, light masturbation shows are always around, and that’s something most sites have. But fetishes, that’s where things heat up, and there are a lot of such live rooms where lusty models manage to turn your dirty desires into a reality.

However, here, you can rely on various kinky sessions like bondage, JOI, spanking, edging, double anal, all kinds of female domination, foot fetish, and a lot more. To really make all of that shine, there needs to be some quality beyond models. We’re talking of course about HD video, and multiple cam2cam features, that’s what makes them the best experience.

Which Cam Sites Are Best?

So far I have seen thousands of webcam sites, and there are just a few that could be labeled as premium. You will have the chance to read all about them and weigh them based on your own preference because there still are some differences between the best sites. Of course, you’re not here just so I could tell you which ones you should visit, but also which you shouldn’t.

A lot of live sex sites are not what they seem to be. You might even get confused and think that you’ve actually found “the one”, at least until you find out what their shortcomings are. There are always those who shouldn’t take a second of time off your hands, which makes it much more important to unearth all their wrongdoings and scams.

At times those scams are not easily noticed, you need to spend some time on a site in order to witness it for yourself. Then you have copycat sites, cams full of annoying ads, and a bunch of other shortcomings. That’s what we want to evade when visiting a webcam site, which is the reason premium cam2cam chats exist.

Are Premium Video Chats Expensive?

Even though one might think so, with adult entertainment that isn’t always the case. Despite offering the best video chats, these sites are pretty even with others in terms of price, and in some cases even cheaper. Look at it this way, the industry is way too competitive, so some think that the higher price they set, the more money they’ll make, or they’ll be respected in the eyes of a customer.

Some even go as far as to offer only one type of show, so no fetishes, or anything out of ordinary, and it makes them one-dimensional. But it really takes a lot of exploration before you find that out for yourself, which is exactly the reason I’m set to make it right and offer you insight.

Don’t be surprised if you find some top live cams here that cost less than a dollar per minute for private shows. Not only is that a possibility, but an overwhelmingly important factor. Most importantly, those prices don’t reflect negatively on the quality of shows, but rather make models competitive, and willing to try their best.

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We’re all here to have fun, that’s the most important thing with any or of adult entertainment, so I want to make sure you’re not wasting a boner on sub-par shows. We’re going to go in depth with a bunch of sites, see what they do or don’t have to offer, and come to a conclusion that will greatly benefit you.

So without further ado, make yourself comfortable, and get ready to find out all about premium cam sites right here, and of course, find out which ones you should absolutely stay away from.

Top Premium Video Chat

Where can I find some really beautiful ladies that will put on a high quality live action for me? Many guys ask themselves this question and honestly, there are so many porn sites out there that it is really difficult to filter out the good websites from bad ones. I am here to show you the top premium video chats you can enter for a one on one play with my hottest webcam babes. They are there to please you and they are glad to put on great sessions with you.

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Top Premium Video Chat

Do you want to have a curvy African American girl show you her superb cock sucking skills on a plastic dick before she rides it in the bed? They have a plenty of ebony models on the LJ. Maybe you want a phat ass white slut twerk for you after taking off her underwear? There is a really good variety of performers so everyone can be sure that will meet the right girl.

What do you think about this redhead college student? She is named SagexCherrie and she is horny all day long and she is one of the sweetest people you can have some online play with. She is also super kinky and she will completely degrade you for your small sized dick if you like to be humiliated by a strict young lady. She is also very good at giving footjobs as well as doing spit play sessions.

If you have a live webcam chat with SagexCherrie, you will understand why she is a one of the most popular hosts you can find on the web. She offers a high value action every time you take her private and there is no doubt that she will make you orgasm. You definitely will want to check her out if you need fetish friendly rooms in which you can get a premium online adult treatment.

I also frequent the room of this twenty five year old blonde beauty that goes by the nickname of Annaxllise. She is a lovely looking girl but she loves kinky stuff and she would be happy to learn about your turn ons so she can give you the best pleasure possible whenever you take her private. Whether you want to have her fuck herself hard with a toy and see her cunt get very wet while you are jerking off?

She also wants to see you explode on yourself. She will show you why her adult video chats are premium once you decide to give her a shot. Last night I had a ten minute long session with this hot slut and she really did what I wanted. She is worth all the tokens you spend on her and she can lower her rates if you become her regular. is the only website you need for the highest quality play with the horny babes.

Annaxllise has got it all to be a top live adult model. Not only she has got a nice body, but she also has got a captivating personality and she is no stranger to almost all kinks out there. What you like her to do, she might do this without any issues and you will not be charge a fortune while you still get a high value action from her.

I am pretty sure that once you check out these online rooms and try some cam sex action with our sexy models, you will want more and more of it and you will revisit the website next day. Now it is your turn to join these best exclusive shows and have some one on one pleasure on the web tonight.

Kinky Premium Live Sex

I am sure that you will love to have some one on one time with a very hot girl that will do anything to satisfy your naughty desires. Maybe you have a foot fetish and you want a brunette babe to lick her toes for you? Or it is possible that a roleplay is your kink and you want a cam model to act out a schoolgirl and teacher role for you? It can all be done when you join one of our kinky premium live sex rooms and there is plenty of performers that will take care of you, no matter what you like.

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Kinky Premium Live Sex

AllisonxDesires is a kinky babe that loves being naughty and playing with her viewers. She is ready for roleplay and she will be your naughty student that really needs a bigger grade and she is ready to do anything it takes. You are her teacher and all you have to do is tell her what you want her to do and she will do it no questions asked. I mean, you could not ask for a better student.

She is wearing her sexy schoolgirl outfit and you could clearly see her big tits almost popping out. Her skirt is so short that you notice she is not wearing any panties. What a dirty little slut. She knows that you like to have these top fetish live shows full of dirty play. She really wants to give you the time of your life. She starts begging you and asking for higher grades but you are reluctant, and demand to see more of the skin, for the starters.

She seductively strips her clothes until she is completely naked, her cheeks are blushing while she is covering her private parts with her hand. You tell her to spread her sexy legs and after a couple of seconds she slowly spreads them apart and you can clearly see her jewel itching to be touched and stimulated. You tell her to start pleasing herself, but what you mean is that she starts pleasing you.

She is hot and dripping and all you want to see is her cumming and she has a very kinky mind. You tell her to switch poses, let you see her sexy body in front of the camera and its every detail. You notice how her skin is soft and sweaty, her pussy is ready for penetration, and she is moaning and begging you to give her bigger grades. My premium live sex chats are where you want to be now because she will make you rock hard in no time. Eventually, she cums for you, and you could see that it was real. You decide that she worked hard enough and grant her some good grades, until next time that is.

As you can see these premium models would do anything to give you a good time and they are definitely professional enough. They will make you jizz quicker than you think and that has to do something with how sexy they are, the fact that their lust is radiating insanely, and that they have a vast skillset where you can choose different kinks and they will gladly do it for you.

This is what premium cam shows are about. You will get what you asked for no matter what and these models will make sure of it. Of course, there are many different girls with different kinks, so make sure you go and check them out because they are ready for new live sex experiences with fans. One thing is for sure, you will not regret it.

IsobelStone Cam

IsobelStone Premium Live Cam

You can never get enough of natural chicks with big tits and asses, and this one offers much more than that. She loves to go rough in the bedroom, and by rough, she means that you’re going to be dominated whenever you join her live cam page. As a total bombshell of a woman, she knows you’re going to do anything to gain some attention. Yes, even allow her to rip into you for having a tiny cock.

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She just loves humiliating, telling you what a manlet you are, and watching your prick shrivel even more from shame. Then she’s going to turn the page and allow some breathing room, you’ll be allowed to stroke your cock. Of course, with JOI provided by her. She will tell you how to touch it, and how many strokes, every last detail will be planned out in advance so you suffer from multiple orgasm denials.

That’s hardly the end of it. You might think she’s a cruel bitch, but you haven’t seen the rest of it. You’ll be forced to watch her play with her tits, she’s going to tease you even harder until you cave in and say that you’ll do anything just to cum. Alright then, get ready to eat your own spunk, she loves do a live CEI, so you’ll get encouraged to swallow every last drop of it.

RoseCatarinex Premium Cam2Cam

RoseCatarinex Premium Cam2Cam Site

Sweet and sexy is the codename for RoseCatarinex, her shows are always fun, and she has a specific type of men that turn her on. She’s all into nerdy guys, but don’t think that it’s only because of your intellect, it’s because she loves having control. Standing at 155cm, she’s quite a tiny thing, although that’s hardly getting in the way of her live sex shows.

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She knows how to carry herself, wearing latex clothing, and swinging a whip around so you know she’s the real deal. You will lick her boots, worship her petite body, and of course, get spanked hard. The moment a whip makes contact with your bare ass, she will start getting horny on my premium cam2cam sites. Not only will her pussy get soaked, but her tight bunghole will tremble.

You’re going to see her taking the wildest of the rides by mounting a couple of dildos at the same time. She’s really into DP, the feeling of two pricks grinding against each other while balls deep inside her is like a dream come true. You will be able to please her, just make sure to listen carefully, if she tells you to stroke slow, you do it. Just be a good slave, and she will reward you!

Adrianxglasss Video Chat

Adrianxglasss Video Sex Chat

Between all the deepthroating and roleplays, Adrianxglasss is a certified slut that has that spark to entertain a man. But first let’s talk about her body, or even better, her juicy ass. She loves to shake it, and make no mistake, it bounces like it’s made of rubber. It should be noted that her behind is firm as well, making it a perfect combo for fun teasing at the start of a private video chat show.

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You have to check out her blowjobs, she’s a self-proclaimed queen of those, and we couldn’t agree more. When she wraps those juicy lips around a thick pecker and makes her tongue dance around the tip, it’s like you’re watching a magician perform at the MyPremiumSexCams. Once she swallows it all the way down her throat, that’s when you feel like bursting.

Although you should wait a bit for the roleplay to fully branch out. She can be your nurse, teacher, or even a stepsister. You can imagine how your first interaction would play out, and she will show her acting on the spot. If you like steamy shows, then this redhead fills all the gaps. She’s going to be your muse, your cock-gobbling hottie who can’t wait to see what a thick load of cum you’ve got brewing.

JessycaxAraya Live Sex Room

JessycaxAraya Live Sex Room

Picture a babe with an absolutely perfect figure, amazing perky tits, great ass, and a beautiful face, and now open your eyes and take a look at JessycaxAraya. She’s without a doubt the one you’ve got on your mind. Not only will she be on your mind day in and day out, but you’ll also get the chance to know her and see her in the top live sex action, actually go face to face and have her extract your man-juice.

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Her petite build will make your knees weak and her sex drive is something that not a lot of other models can match up to. She loves wearing different outfits for you and will occasionally choose to wear sexy stockings and nylons. You will see her shiny, inviting legs to the tiniest details and you will adore them. She will always have an interactive vibrator active so you can choose when to make her pussy aroused and wet.

She loves her legs, so naturally, she loves her feet. She will give you a great view of her soles and her toes and will tease you until you start begging her for more. She will show you her foot job skills until you’re writhing in pleasure from the orgasms she induces in your body.

AlissonFoxxworth Webcam Model

AlissonFoxxworth Webcam Model

AlissonFoxxworth is a young Spanish babe who knows exactly what men want from webcam models. She knows how to be submissive without losing her beauty and elegance. And she has both beauty and elegance to impress any man, no matter how pretentious he might be. She’s a fit brunette with awesome titties and a round, firm butt. She’s ready for anything you might ask from her, including anal, gagging, self-spanking/paddling, and much more. She has toys and accessories for any fantasy.

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One of the hottest things about this babe is the fact that she loves watching her partners in porn cam-to-cam shows. If you like showing yourself to hotties on the web, then a private with this hottie is what you need. She admits that she gets turned on by watching how cocks are throbbing during her performances. Everyone who enjoyed her shows was impressed and you’ll surely love her too!

WantedxDi Cam2Cam Site

WantedxDi Cam2Cam Sex Site

If you’re a lover of smoking hot natural girls, then WantedxDi fits that description. But you won’t realize just how amazing she is until you lay eyes on that body on an exclusive cam2cam site. She’s quite tall, raven-haired, has a thin waist, and then there are her tits. Needless to say, this girl is rocking a pair of proper milkers.

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Besides that, she’s got a personality to match, that of an entertainer, albeit a lusty one. This chick is down to do pretty much anything, and it comes as no surprise that she’s a fan of spanks. Her firm booty can take it until it’s burning red, and you will adore the way her tits swing while she’s bent over and getting paddled or spanked.

Right after that you can spread those ass cheeks, and treat her to a stiff dick in puckering, tight bunghole. This bombshell can’t get enough of anal sex during a live cam2cam play, she often squirts out of her pussy because it brings her that much pleasure. So go ahead and watch her tease you by sucking on her own nipples, it’s a great introduction to the filth that follows.

HillaryxKeaton Premium Video Chat

HillaryKeaton Premium Video Chat Site

HillaryxKeaton is a young Colombian cam girl who knows how to be pleasing for the men watching her premium video chat streams. She is fit with awesome tits and a round ass, blonde hair, and delicious-looking feet that she loves showing off to the camera. Her holes are all open for fun. She puts on some of the best anal masturbation shows, and she has dildos she can ride, shaking that Latina booty until she squirts all over her bed.

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But it’s not just her body and the kinks she is willing to do in front of the camera that brought her so many fans and popularity. It’s also the good company she offers. She is an intelligent girl with a good sense of humor who knows how to maintain an interesting conversation with a mature gentleman. Treat her like a lady, and she will make you feel like a king in return.

Felithexfreak Live Sex Session

Felithexfreak Live Sex Session

Felithexfreak is a thick Asian hottie with a massive bubble butt, which is something you don’t see every day. And she’s not like the other Asian cam girls on the web. Although she can be submissive, she is a true switch, and she loves to dominate men. She’s known for her small penis humiliation kinks and roleplay shows, with taboo and breeding fantasies as her favorite scenarios.

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She has brown skin and thick thighs. Her ass looks awesome when she starts shaking it, and her natural perky titties have brown nipples that she pinches whenever she wants to get wet and ready for an orgasm. Her interactive sex toy is always on and inside her pussy, and fans are sending token tips that activate the vibrations to hear her moan like a slut whenever she is waiting for someone to take her for a private. Join her for a top quality live sex experience or enjoy her free shows.