Do you ever wonder if premium cam sites truly exist? What does premium even mean? What difference does it make from regular live sex shows? At one point it all gets a tad bit confusing, and I’m here to make it simple, and understandable to everyone. Of course, besides that, you are here to find a trusted source of top private video chats that have been tested over the course of many years.

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For starters, you should know that “Premium” means that your experience from start to finish will be impeccable. So, no hiccups, no annoying features, and most certainly no scams. The major focus is on models, they need to rise to the occasion so you would be absolutely pleased with what they have to offer, and it all comes down to execution.

Why Premium Sex Webcams Are Better?

There are a lot of reasons for premium sex webcam sites being the better choice, but the most obvious one would be the cam2cam shows you are receiving. The models truly try their best and are focused only on providing their viewers with lustful experiences that are memorable. They need to be versatile, and able to adapt to your requests, or in other words, they need to be professionals.

When it comes to the types of shows, well, the best sites have a wide variety of kinks and fetishes in their catalog. The usual ones, seductive, light masturbation shows are always around, and that’s something most sites have. But fetishes, that’s where things heat up, and there are a lot of such live rooms where lusty models manage to turn your dirty desires into a reality.

However, here, you can rely on various kinky sessions like bondage, JOI, spanking, edging, double anal, all kinds of female domination, foot fetish, and a lot more. To really make all of that shine, there needs to be some quality beyond models. We’re talking of course about HD video, and multiple cam2cam features, that’s what makes them the best experience.

Which Cam Sites Are Best?

So far I have seen thousands of webcam sites, and there are just a few that could be labeled as premium. You will have the chance to read all about them and weigh them based on your own preference because there still are some differences between the best sites. Of course, you’re not here just so I could tell you which ones you should visit, but also which you shouldn’t.

A lot of live sex sites are not what they seem to be. You might even get confused and think that you’ve actually found “the one”, at least until you find out what their shortcomings are. There are always those who shouldn’t take a second of time off your hands, which makes it much more important to unearth all their wrongdoings and scams.

At times those scams are not easily noticed, you need to spend some time on a site in order to witness it for yourself. Then you have copycat sites, cams full of annoying ads, and a bunch of other shortcomings. That’s what we want to evade when visiting a webcam site, which is the reason premium cam2cam chats exist.

Are Premium Video Chats Expensive?

Even though one might think so, with adult entertainment that isn’t always the case. Despite offering the best video chats, these sites are pretty even with others in terms of price, and in some cases even cheaper. Look at it this way, the industry is way too competitive, so some think that the higher price they set, the more money they’ll make, or they’ll be respected in the eyes of a customer.

Some even go as far as to offer only one type of show, so no fetishes, or anything out of ordinary, and it makes them one-dimensional. But it really takes a lot of exploration before you find that out for yourself, which is exactly the reason I’m set to make it right and offer you insight.

Don’t be surprised if you find some top live cams here that cost less than a dollar per minute for private shows. Not only is that a possibility, but an overwhelmingly important factor. Most importantly, those prices don’t reflect negatively on the quality of shows, but rather make models competitive, and willing to try their best.

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We’re all here to have fun, that’s the most important thing with any or of adult entertainment, so I want to make sure you’re not wasting a boner on sub-par shows. We’re going to go in depth with a bunch of sites, see what they do or don’t have to offer, and come to a conclusion that will greatly benefit you.

So without further ado, make yourself comfortable, and get ready to find out all about premium cam sites right here, and of course, find out which ones you should absolutely stay away from.

NicollNight Video Chat

NicollNight Video Sex Chat

Are you down for some top quality time with my tempting Ukrainian babe? NicollNight loves it when guys enjoy their time in her video chat room where she is available for some really cock arousing times that can contain cigarette smoking, dildo blowjob giving, roleplaying or just flashing her naked body. Did I tell you that she absolutely enjoys teasing her fans? She will wear erotic underwear to make your cock get rock hard in no time and then she will do something you like in private.

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She is just a dream for everyone that is looking for seductive brunette models with long legs and awesome breasts, so if you are one of those men, I am sure that you will explode multiple times with this girl during a live sex stream. Of course, you have to pay her to do anything, but it is always well spent money.

MaiaMiller Premium Live Sex

MaiaMiller Premium Live Sex

It is just unreal how beautiful this barely legal Latina is. She goes by the nickname of MaiaMiller and she is one of these submissive models that love being told how hot she is and she also enjoys flirting with her viewers at the She is still quite new to this camming job, but she learns really quickly and you can expect a premium live sex fun when you decide to get naughty with Maia.

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She is not afraid of doing different fetishes so she can striptease for you, show off her soles before sucking on her toes or spank herself or even put on some bondage if it is what you desire. I have only had a one chance to play with this young Colombian chick so far and she did exactly what I wanted and I asked her to put on an anal show with her toys and she made me jizz all over myself.

YourGirlKrystina Webcam

YourGirlKrystina Premium Webcam Chat

You are going to play with YourGirlKrystina every single night if you are a guy that is into blondes with big knockers and amazing curves. She is my young British gal who is kinky and adventurous and she is very fond of a spicy action like hardcore anal, roleplay, cum eating instruction or female domination and if you like this type of live sex shows, you will not be able to get enough of this model.

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One of her favorite things to do in front of the webcam include fucking her great tits with dildos and pegging or sissy training so if you enjoy being a sub, she will take control of you and then she make you her obedient slave in an exclusive one on one performance. I have had like five sessions with this girl and she really blows my mind every time I go private with her and she is unbelievable at all these fetishes which makes her so special.

KaylaaFoxy Video Sex Chat

KaylaaFoxy Video Sex Chat

Can you imagine having such a hot slut twerking or creaming her pussy just for you? KaylaaFoxy is a thirty five years old MILF with a very nice juicy butt and a set of round boobs and I can see that she is performing right now so you can invite her for a private video sex chat that is the best premium live experience you can get online. She is lying on her bed in the black bodystocking and she is already wet down there.

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Do you want to have KaylaaFoxy deepthroat a massive black toy with saliva failing all over her body or she will do an anal riding or she will squirt hard on the Or maybe you like some more kinky stuff like double penetration or small penis humiliation with some cuckolding. This mommy also enjoys posing in the leather outfit and high heels which will make you go wild. You can both spend some time together and watching you play with your dick turns her on.

RemiReaganx Premium Cam2Cam

RemiReaganx Premium Cam2Cam

Petite, slender, beautiful, blonde, and totally spoiled. That’s just part of the story of RemiReaganx, she’s also a greedy little bitch who loves dominating men and getting their money in return. Do you want to get her attention on my premium cam2cam site? Well, get ready to become her faithful paypig, a human ATM who exists only to cater to her needs. Her goal is to get worshiped by you, while her claws are deep in your pockets.

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She will tease you alright, with such a flexible body, you will see her spreading legs in mind-bending positions, and rubbing her thirsty vag. Meanwhile, you will struggle to jerk your cock off because she’s issuing JOI in front of the camera. You will switch hands, and go extremely slow, in short, you will lose your mind from how much cum is building up in your blue balls. Want to cum? Then you are going to follow her cum eating instructions and slurp up your splooge.

HallyxMonroe Cam Show

HallyxMonroe Premium Cam Show

Hally is one feisty chica, and she will most definitely entertain you with her moves. Apparently, she loves to dance, which gives her shows a sort of euphoric atmosphere, especially once she starts shaking her firm ass while doing these superior cam shows online. It’s a sort of a call to live action, this girl loves getting all the attention, so your cock gets firm and ready for a blowjob. The way she expertly works her tongue and lips on a shaft is enough to warrant an orgasm.

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But why stop there? She can also perform some nasty footjobs, dancing is not the only thing she’s got the moves for. Once your tool is engorged, you have two options, to fuck her tight pussy, or an even tighter bunghole. Your choice, but whatever you do choose, it’s guaranteed you’ll be entertained, and most importantly, your balls drained of every last drop of cum.

Sophiexbella Live Sex

Sophiebella Live Sex

This beautiful babe is a blonde bombshell, that loves having the upper hand during these superior live sex shows. Her body is a piece of art that you would like to get a good taste of. But you’ll have to prove yourself, do you even know how many men want to be in your place. You better bend over for her so she can get you spanked, and maybe that will grant you a sort of reward, what do you think?

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Care to watch her massaging that tasty snatch? That will get you so hard and horny, you will instantly reach down for your cock to stroke it. But maybe this webcam girl won’t allow you, or maybe she’ll even humiliate you and torture your dicklet for being so small. You know what they say, “No pleasure without pain”, and if you want to be a part of such private show, SophiebellaUK is the one to go for.

IvyRain Premium Video Chat

IvyRain Premium Video Chat

IvyRain is a curly-haired beauty with green eyes. Her biggest turn-on is getting you to jizz and she will make sure that your cock is drained completely. She loves showing off her amazing feet and will give you a good close-up look at her toes. After all, this girl is a submissive type that needs someone to tell her what to do in a premium video sex chat with her. So if you want to have your cock jerked by her tender soles, then just say so.

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This babe is a real freak in the sack and she demonstrates that by getting dominated. Yes, she loves being a submissive little slut. You can spank her and talk all dirty to her, tell her what a little slut she is, how you’d slam your cock down her throat so she chokes on it. Don’t worry, she’ll gladly do it, while all the saliva is dripping down her chin, this hottie will beg you to go harder and serve a throatpie.

Applehorny Cam2Cam

Applehorny Cam2Cam Sex

Here is a naughty Latina slut who is always on the lookout for big dicks. Naturally, she is eager to get her holes stuffed mercilessly. Her sexual energy is amazing and she will do anything to see your face while you cum while having a cam2cam sex chat. Oh yes, she enjoys it probably much more than you do. She is a real nympho that is at your disposal to do things with her you can only imagine doing with other babes. She truly is one of a kind.

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Her body is amazing with her best attribute being her thick ass. You won’t find a better booty for spanking. She enjoys her interactive vibrator all the time and she likes showing off her cock sucking skills on this superior live porn site. But the best part about this babe is that she absolutely loves anal penetration, and with an ass like that you can only imagine what kind of a performance that would be, how her juicy behind would bounce on your cock.

Jasminesweet Premium Live Sex

Jasminesweet Premium Live Sex

This stunning Euro babe is only 25 years old, but she has already conquered many hearts on my premium live sex sites. Tall, athletic, big tits and ass, black hair, and a delicious tan. Does it get any better? Oh yes, it does. Besides being the perfect specimen of female beauty, she is also quite versatile sexually. Voyeurism gets her panties soaked in pussy juice, she loves watching men stroking their dicks.

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But she’s also a fierce dominatrix who loves dressing up in latex lingerie. She can treat you to some amazing anal, but chances are, you’re gonna have to play around with your bunghole as well. This girl knows how humiliating that can be, which is exactly why she will do it. Besides, turning you into a cuckold is the cherry on top, you will be seduced, and then made to watch her pleasing someone else. That’s the other side of voyeurism, she also loves being watched, which results in insane live orgasms.